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07930 658 946

Monday- Friday: 9am - 9pm

Standards check training at your test centre, using your route,
in your car that you will use with your pupil and your examiner

Have you received your
brown envelope?

Alan will meet you at the nearest railway/underground station to your nominated standards check test centre. If you have your standards check date, ideally you should have a pupil lined up to take with you and have a route mapped out. Alan will role play your pupil following your route, working on the elements of the Standards Check to help you get that ‘A’ mark.

Already had a Check Test
in the past...?

Alan will help you convert your check test skills to meet the requirements of the standards check using your existing teaching style. Alan will show you how to cover the Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching & Learning Strategies. You already have the knowledge it just needs to be shaped into a client centred framework.

Knowing what the examiner
is looking for…

The standards check marking sheet has more boxes than the old check test, this allows the examiner to assess more of your teaching methods, as well as the new client centred learning approach. Alan will answer all your queries about the marking system, Q & A technique, briefings, subjects, route and any general worries.

Let’s do it FOR REAL…

Maybe you’ve been to a conference, read articles
or seen videos - now let’s get some real training
with Alan who can role play giving examples and pointers that you can use on the day.
One or two 3 hour session is normally enough for you to polish your existing teaching style for that grade A

Teaching & learning strategies

Risk management

Lesson planning

Test centres covered