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DVSA Taxi driving test, training in your car on the local roads
of your chosen test centre.

Does your local council require you to take the DVSA Taxi Test?

Alan will help you convert your existing driving skills to meet the requirements of the taxi test. Alan will show you how to cover the elements of the test, including reversing, emergency stop, collecting & dropping off a fare, speed limits & progress and awareness & planning. He will also cover the optional wheelchair exercise if required. You already have the knowledge it just needs to be shaped to cover all the elements of the taxi driving test.

Driving the local roads - your test centre

You will be encountering all the hazards and events that you are likely to encounter on the day with Alan to help and answer your questions about specific local complicated junctions  – it doesn’t get much better than that.

What the examiner is looking for

The taxi driving test has a fixed format and Alan will take you through every section that your examiner will cover, you’ll know exactly what to expect on the day. All our training is carried out in your car so you will be in a familiar environment and more learning will take place. This is the closest you can get to actually taking the taxi test whilst training.

“ I’ll help you to polish your existing driving
skills and practise all the test elements
including the questions, reversing and
optional wheelchair exercise.”

Areas covered