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What happens on the course?

You will be under Alan’s expert guidance from the start - our meeting point is a local car park or railway station near you. On our way to the motorway junction you will have a chance to 'warm-up' on normal roads familiar to you and discuss any aspects of concern. Once you feel comfortable we will join the motorway under the appropriate level of instruction. By the end of your course you will have a greater understanding of the elements of our Motorway Course Syllabus>>

Where will I be driving?

Maybe you need to do a particular route by motorway for work or to visit relatives – if you have a particular journey in mind, that will form the basis of our motorway training.

Will I gain confidence?

We will show you how to forward plan, what to look for and where – this will give you greater confidence on the motorway.

What lane do I need to be in?

We will be working on lane discipline from the start, how to look well ahead, what the different lane signs mean and how to spot the clues that will tell you what’s coming up.

What about emergencies?

You’ll be guided on how to react in an emergency situation, what to do in the event of a breakdown and how to deal with your passengers

Who will teach me?

Who designed the syllabus?

How much does it cost?

Can we use my car for the course?

What day and time is the course?

How do I arrange my course?

Smart Motorways
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Motorway Syllabus

Forward planning
and observations


Joining & leaving
the motorway


Breakdown and safety

We meet near your home or work
and using your car,
drive to the nearest motorway.
Alan will help and guide you with
all the elements of the Motorway syllibus